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Past Classes
(For  Students that Paid for the Class)

Course Name
Link to class
2 over 1 - overview
2over1 - 11/8-12/20
4 Habits of Highly Effective Declarers
4th Bid in the Auction
Advanced Responses over NT
Beginner - 6 weeks
Beginner - April 2023
Beginner - September 2023
Beginner Bridge Winter 2024
Beginner Plus - Nov 2023
Beyond Beginners
Beyond High Card Points
Common Defense Problems
Competitive Bidding
Confusing Auctions
Defense 11 Classes
Defense 11/9-12/21
Defense by Position
Endplays and Squeezes Made Easy
Five Types of Defense
Improve your Play
Intermediate 9 weeks
Low Intermediate Feb 2023
Major Suit Auctions
Minor Suit Auctions
Modern Conventions
Play Mistakes
Play Practice with Sylwia Fall 9/14-10/26 2023
Play of the Hand
Playing NT - 12/6-12/20
Playing Suits 11/10-12/22
Slam Bidding
Taking More Tricks in NT
When to Break Rules
Past Classes
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