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Customers Say It Best

Customers say

John and Viki

My wife and I have taken online courses, in person private lessons, as well as in person supervised play with the Bridge Deck for the past 8 months.

 Our experience has been wonderful! We were Bridge novices at the start and have learned a tremendous amount from Sylwia and Mike McNamara. We highly recommend them!

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Sylwia and Mike are teachers extraordinaire. They are great advocates for making bridge playing both fun and challenging.

They are charismatic, wonderful people and fun to be with whether on Zoom or in their clubs. No matter if you’re a novice or well travelled in the game, it’s a promise that you’ll come away from your experiences with them better than when you came.



Totally hooked on bridge because of Mike and Sylwia - husband and wife team. Both Sylwia and Mike are clearly masters at this "sport"!

From what I see at duplicate (aka competitive bridge), they have provided me with a great foundation that I am continuing to build on with them either via their practice sessions on Shark Bridge or via their recordings on their website (HIGHLY recommend these!) and have found them to be extremely helpful. You won't go wrong learning bridge from these 2 amazing teachers!



Bridge is a fascinating game.  Mike and Sylwia, owners of the Bridge Deck, are not only two wonderful people but also excellent teachers who take their time to support your game.

 Over the years I have taken multiple lessons from them and my game has dramatically improved. I can say that I consider them as well as the people who come here my extended family.

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