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Learn 2over1 System  - Recording 6 Lessons

This course is designed to teach players how to use the 2/1 bidding system from the basics to taking advantage of advanced aspects of the system.  This course is a must even for players who already play 2/1, because most players only know that a 2-level bid is game forcing.  Very few partnerships have discussed and defined the follow-up bids that allow the partnership to reach the best contract and to find the slams that most partnerships miss. 

  • Intro to and Overview of 2/1
  • Responder’s 2/1 GF Response
  • 1NT forcing
  • Opener’s Rebid in 2/1
  • Responder’s Rebid after 1NT Forcing
  • Responder’s Rebid in 2/1 Auctions


Learn 2over1 System - Recording 6 Lessons

$150.00 Regular Price
$72.00Sale Price
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